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all hands on deck

- everyone must work together because they have a lot of work to do
The captain called for all hands on deck as the storm became stronger and stronger.

all thumbs

- to be awkward and clumsy, a difficulty in fixing things or working with one's hands
The janitor is all thumbs and he can never fix something without making it worse.

arm in arm

- linked together by the arms
The couple walked along the beach arm in arm.

armpit of (somewhere)

- a place that is the ugliest or worst place in a particular area
The small city is the armpit of the country and nobody wants to go there to work.

at hand

- easy to reach, nearby
There were no tools at hand so I was unable to fix the stove.

at one's fingertips

- something is within one's reach
I always have my address book at my fingertips.

at the hands of (someone or something)

- something bad happens because of someone/something else
We were at the hands of nature as we waited for the severe windstorm to end.

bite one's nails

- to bite one's fingernails because you are nervous or anxious
The girl was biting her nails as she waited for the speech contest to begin.

bite the hand that feeds (someone)

- to harm someone who does good things for you
The girl will bite the hand that feeds her if she abuses the help that her parents give her.

bound hand and foot

- to have one's hands and feet tied up
The bank manager was bound hand and foot by the three bank robbers.

burn one`s fingers

- to suffer from a bad experience
My father burned his fingers in the stock market and he does not want to invest money there again.

by the handful

- by the amount that one can measure in one handful
We were able to pick strawberries by the handful in the small field.

cannot see one's hand in front of one's face

- to be unable to see very far (usually because of darkness or fog)
I could not see my hands in front of my face because of the heavy rain.

catch (someone) red-handed

- to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong
The teacher caught the boys red-handed when they wrote on the school wall.

caught with one's hand in the cookie jar

- to be caught doing something wrong or illegal
The woman was caught with her hand in the cookie jar when we saw her stealing office supplies.

change hands

- to be sold or given to someone else
The small corner store has changed hands many times recently.

close at hand

- within reach, handy
There were no restaurants close at hand when we decided to go out for dinner.

closefisted (with money)

- to be stingy with money
My uncle is very closefisted with money.

come/go away empty-handed

- to return without anything, to go away without anything
We returned from the department store empty-handed.

control (someone) with an iron fist

- to have strict and complete control over someone or a group of people
The manager controls the staff with an iron fist.

cost an arm and a leg

- to cost much money
My father paid an arm and a leg for his car and he loves driving it.

cross one`s fingers

- to cross two fingers of one hand to hope or wish for good luck
I crossed my fingers that I would get the job that I had applied for.

cross (someone's) palm with silver

- to give money to someone for a service
We crossed the hotel clerk's palm with silver to get a good room.

dirty one`s hands

- to hurt one's character or good name, to do a bad or shameful thing
The politician dirtied his hands when he became involved in the land deal.

dismiss/reject (something) out of hand

- to immediately decide not to accept an idea/argument/plan without thinking about it
The company dismissed the union's offer to settle the dispute out of hand.

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Форум » Уголок любомудра » Изучаем английский » Arm/Hand/Finger
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